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“That was mind blowing...best massage of my life.”

"You have mad skills. As I said before, you're masterful at what you do, making it easy to let go and trust. Till the next session!"

"In January of 2011, I began my healing sessions with Daniel. These sessions have been most profound to me. I've rarely felt such deep inner shifts of perception and insight and renewal of energy as I did after my second session with Daniel.  He clearly cuts through all the layers of defenses and old stuck energy patterns and heals issues at their core where they originate. I'm a busy person and life seems short. It's great knowing that healing doesn't have to take years! I have become a lot more relaxed, better able to concentrate and more practical in my business and personal life. I feel physically stronger and no longer worry about some of my past mistakes. The results have also assisted me in my spiritual life. Daniel is and will continue to be my long life coach!"

"Daniel, you are an amazing healer!! My back and neck were in so much pain before I came to you. I am an exercise fanatic and was doing my aerobics with just one arm, the other one "glued" to my side like a broken wing. After just two sessions with you, I can fly again! I am so grateful for your ability to work through my problem areas without much pain and your encouragement to breathe when there was some pain. I am not exactly sure what you did to help my vertigo issues, but that is so much better as well. I have been suffering from vertigo for over a year…Unbelievable!”

"Daniel has helped me achieve balance, happiness, and health for myself! I entirely recommend him!"

"Daniel, you're a gift. Your treatment left me not only deeply grounded and peaceful but more able to receive. People commented on my positive energy shift for days and I'm happy to find myself noticing when I'm not allowing myself to receive. For anyone looking for really great bodywork, Daniel is wonderful."


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